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Hampton Acres Farm Events

HAFE is a service organization with a commitment to the community and social program development.  We leverage the farm and ecosystem on the property to educate and excite youth about agriculture and farming to build for a better future.

Horse Stall Portrait

Summer Camp registration is now open for week of JULY 17-21st S
pace is limited to 15 children.

Spots open for your preschool or group for an April or May visit.

No upcoming events at the moment

About ... 

Doc the Halflinger is the real STAR of this farm.... He is almost 23 years old and loves to be brushed, ridden and HAY!  Seriously, Doc could eat non- stop and we have to watch him carefully.  His manners are very good and happy to be in the barn or pasture.  Don't let him trick you into giving treats, his handsome mane and smile are heart stopping, right? 

Rogan the Belgian is a rescue from an Amish farm in PA and we don't know his exact age, but he is close to 30 years young.   He's been with us 3 years and has gone from the skinny, "Don't Touch Me" horse, to the gorgeous "I love when you rub my neck & ears" horse.  Rogan is large & in charge of the other horses and lets them know by a nip to their butt!  Don't worry, he doesn't bite them hard and usually misses.


Natalie the human that feeds the horses was born and raised in Hampton Township and has a passion for community commitment and sharing her love of being outdoors with the animals to running the trails in the back yard (Hartwood Acres)  

Rich the Hay Grower was also raised in Hampton Township and is the real brains to keep everything working, hay growing and baled in the summer and all the things in between.  You can find him in the red tractor going across Simons field or middle road in the summer cutting, baling and hauling hay to the horse farms in the area. 

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Natalie Clarke

3312 Wagner Road 
Allison Park, PA 15101

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